Monday, January 03, 2005


A group of drunks! Posted by Hello

It was real nice of everybody to squeeze me all the way in the back. Some nerve, my own picture taken with my own camera. Sheesh! ;)

Well the old year has died a deserving death and a fresh new optimistic year is upon us. Hope everyone had a good time on New years eve.

We did! Had a small but lively group meet at one of the Local bar like places and many a drink was consumed that night, I have the tab to prove it. But thanks to everyone for coming out, Missed a couple people who couldn't be there some because they never showed up or called(Erik!) and others who couldn't be there because they live in other far away cities(Jim and Jeff).
Here is probably one of the few pictures that I could post, the others would embarrass far too many people including myself!




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