Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bonus Page!

New X-men 21 Posted by Picasa

Here is the colored version of a page that was previewed as a penciled page. It now sports Inks(by me) and full colors courtesy of Brian Reber. Get out the New X-men Art Gallery for the full pages. Hopefully this will hold you over till issue #21 hits.

Also Check out the Black and White Art Gallery for many new additions.



Anonymous Stephen said...

Hi, my name is Stephen. I need some help here. See, I'm gonna be doin' a comic pretty soon that I created called the Star. But I need an inker. Now, it's an non-paying gig, right now. Because it's just me, my Father and my brother doing this company out of our house. So anyone who works with me would have to expect not to get paid. So my question is, do you know anyone in Houston who can do the job?

The link below is the Star.

You can e-mail me back at

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Sorry. This is the link.

10:09 AM  

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