Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The End of the road.

I can finally say that Mark Brooks and I have been taken off of New X-men. While it was a book that we enjoyed working on it was something that was a bit problematic as far as time went. The Editors, Writers and everyone else was a Joy to work with.

Fear not though Mark and Myslef are moving on to do The Ultimate Spiderman Annual #2. The First one was such a great success they wanted us back. We have also been doing covers and the such latley along with my continueing work with Crhis Bachalo on Uncanny X-men and soon to be X-men title i have no shortage of work. Here is to a new day.



Anonymous ChickRockGuitar said...

Aw Man! First Mark, and now you... its such a shame! And so unfair! Us fans of New X-Men are very very upset. (You can pass that on to Marvel for us if you like, lol). But at the same time we do understand why you have to leave. I hope you and Mark have the time to do the odd front cover/issue in the future. It was a pleasure picking up your work each month. You both shall be sorely missed by us fans. I'll continue to stick around the Forum and see what you're up to in the future. Thanks for some Great issues in my fave Comic. And good luck with your future projects.

5:59 AM  
Blogger Jaime Mendoza said...

Thanks alot it really means something when fans say they will us!

3:58 AM  

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